Design Centre

Design Centre

Let us help you create your dream belt that is personalised especially for you.

If you are unsure what is possible, or just don’t know how to go about getting what you have in mind, then we are here to help.

Do you run a school or organisagtion and you want to standardise all of your black belts specific for your clubs givng it a unique identity, then we can do this.

We can help design a belt personally for yourself , taking your ideas and making them possible. Although, not everything is feesible, we will fit you design to suit your belt.

Basically, no job is too big or small, and once we’ve designed your belt, we will send you an impression of it so that you can see the finished article before we embroider a stitch.

Just fill in the form below with as much information you can, and attached as many Jpegs of the images or symbols your require, and we will do our best to acheive your requirments.


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